Best Free PSP Downloads – What Must You Know First?

May 11, 2007 at 10:28 am (free psp games download, psp movies download)

Have you ever dreamed of the unlimited supply of games, movies for your PSP? Have you ever dreamed of having tens of thousands or more games to choose from for your PSP and you can download these PSP Games for Free? Imagine you can choose any game you like at anytime and download it and play it for free! I never realized that this is actually possible until I discover these truly Free PSP Games Download Sites.

Before you start searching the Internet, there are something you must know first. Let me tell you how I found out the hard way.

I was miserable 3 months after I got my PSP. I got tired of playing the same games repeatedly and buying games was expensive affair. Then, I started to search the Internet. I was so excited to find so many Free PSP Games Download Sites. I started to try them out. To my dismay, I became frustrated! Firstly, my computer got infected by all kinds of spyware and adwares. I spent days to clean them up. Secondly, most of the other clean sites offer limited choices of demo games and those can’t really play. Thirdly, they took forever to download and there is no support.

Finally I found a few good free games download membership sites. Even though they do charge a small membership fee. But these are just one-time payment only. After that I enjoy life long free unlimited downloads. After my bad experiences, I think it is fair to pay them a small fee since they provide good quality legal downloads and good support.

Now, I can have endless supply of games & movies for my PSP. New games are frequently updated. I had no problem with the fast downloading. If you are looking to download, I suggest you use one of these sites. They are good and they provide money-back guarantee.

My favorite sites are:

PSP Blender (9.5/10)
All PSP Games (9.4/10)
PSP Wizard (8.0/10)


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